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2022 Review

Challenges, Accomplishments, How it All Works, and Planning for 2023

Possibility through Transparency

Transparency is a really important part of my journey. I haven’t always worked for myself. There were years of working for other people, entering professions that I thought would be it for me, only to be treated like shit, and realize that the system just wasn’t built for me. Realizing that if I wanted to make the life that I deserved, I was going to have to work for myself. That path has had its ups and downs, learning moments, trials and errors, big wins, and moments of pivoting. I aim to be transparent in my business journey because too often, people only share their journey when they’ve made it to the mountain top or whatever - which, we don’t ever really, do we.

The Birth Neoterist Newsletter
The Birth Neoterist Newsletter
Sabia Wade, The Black Doula