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Financial Activism w/ Janna

The Black Doula Podcast, Season 2: Episode 4

In episode 4, Sabia talks with Janna about Financial Activism

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Janna Meyrowitz Turner, President of Synastry Capital

Janna Meyrowitz Turner is an advisor, angel investor, and strategist focused on systems change, leadership development, and communication in all its forms, in every direction. She has been building values-aligned networks for over 20 years across the public, private, and social sectors.  She started her first company, Style House, at the age of 23 in 2006. Style House became an award-winning public relations and brand strategy firm over the next 16 years, advising global brands from Estee Lauder to the WNBA, with a strong focus on the female consumer whose economic and political power is wielded both as primary household purchaser and as the largest voting bloc in the US. Today Janna’s cross-sector impact vehicle, Synastry Capital, houses her investing, advising, and advocacy work. Her signature Personal Brand Alignment offering, conducted 1:1 and through keynotes, workshops, and group facilitation, is a blend of leadership coaching, spiritual centering, and talent management, designed to build personal and professional narratives that maximize happiness, impact and earning potential. Janna is also the co-founder of VCs for Repro, a coalition of venture capital firms united in support of abortion access, and sits on the board of A Call To Men, a national violence prevention organization providing training and education on healthy manhood for communities of men and boys

Janna can be found over at or in Instagram at @jannamturner.


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