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Created by Sabia Wade, The Black Doula

A Black, queer CEO with a mission of building bridges for a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable world through Reproductive Justice, distribution of financial wealth to BIPOC communities, and investing in emergent and innovative businesses.
As a self-proclaimed Birth Neoterist, Sabia is executing change in Reproductive Justice to create a new future for birthing people.

We are all born. And we will all die. So, reproductive justice impacts EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. And in that vein, death is reproductive justice, too. Abortion is reproductive justice. Wealth equality is reproductive justice. Anti-racism is reproductive justice. City planning is reproductive justice.


What is a Birth Neoterist?

A Birth Neoterist is a person who is forward-focused and dedicated to innovation and sustainability to create a pathway to a new reality for birth.

A Birth Neoterist understands reproductive justice as the foundation and the path to collective liberation.

A Birth Neoterist utilizes history as a way of supporting forward-focused thinking and creation of the future of birth.

A Birth Neoterist supports the full spectrum of reproductive experiences and the variation of people having those experiences.

A Birth Neoterist prioritizes an ongoing personal trauma healing practice for the well being of themselves and their community.

A Birth Neoterist designs and implements innovative and sustainable ecosystems to create an improved future for all birthing people.


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