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A Meditation for Healing Money Trauma

A Meditation for Healing Money Trauma

In this meditation, Sabia gently walks you through a meditation for healing money trauma.


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My love's I hope that everyone

is having a decent day, at the time that you listen to this. If not, it's still holding you still holding you

close if your day is not the greatest.

But this month, I have decided to focus on money, and my substack. And I just want to note that

money brings up a lot of feelings for everybody, including myself. And

it brings up feelings of sometimes positivity, right, maybe it brings up feelings of resource, maybe it

brings up feelings of happiness.

And then maybe for some people, it brings up fear, it brings up inadequacy, there's many things that

come up in this conversation of money. And sometimes it goes back and forth, right, depending on

the day, some days are a good money days, some days are not so great. But I would like to just

spend some time with you all just gone through a nice little meditation, if you will.

And let's just see where we find ourselves at the end of this.

So when you're ready,

find a comfortable space, a comfortable position.

Feel free to get whatever you need, whether it's a warm blanket,

whether it's an extra pillow,

whatever it is that you need.

And then when you're ready, I want you to close your eyes, keep them open, lower your gaze

whatever works for you. Remember, there's no right way to do this

essentially for a moment to find some stillness in your body

keep your normal pace of breath

taking notice of your somatic landscape right now

paying attention to the way in which your body feels and any sensations that may be present.

Sweeping from the top of your head

down to your shoulders.

Yes to make

of it this

can see your knees.

The bottom of your feet

is paying attention to any sensations

is paying attention to any sensations

and then while you're here,

I also want you to just pay attention and bring your attention to any of

any type of emotion that may be present for you today.


isn't surplus of money, bringing up some other feelings, maybe some pleasant lens maybe some not

so pleasant learnings

noticing that

then what I would love for you to do is to start taking some deep breaths

allowing yourself to bring in some oxygen into your body and allowing it to spread into those spaces

that maybe need some smoothing out.

If you're having some unpleasant feelings and this conversation of money and these thoughts about

money, just bring some breath into it. Maybe some breath that spreads love across your body. Maybe

some breath that

encourages you to just be present and the moment

maybe some breath that tells you that you are enough even in this conversation of money

what I would like for you to do now is just think about


how does it feel? And you're writing to be resourced?

I'm thinking about resource. I mean that in many ways, what does it feel like to be emotionally

resource? But does it mean to be physically resource? What does it mean to be financially resourced?

And how does that land in your body

does it help your shoulders drop

as a brain warmness into your body

does it allow your pelvic floor to drop a bit too brief to release

and for some of you,

I'm going to be sure to bring up that maybe it's hard to even feel

right so even think about what it means to be resourced.

Maybe there is

some rough edges around that

maybe there's some resistance in your body when you're thinking about that. And that's okay to

take some deep breaths

and just allow yourself to move through

imagining take a couple of minutes to create a space of comfort, right and internal space of comfort

for us. Before we move through

for us. Before we move through

some more pieces about money.

I want you to think about what is the smell that brings you comfort

is that the smell of lavender, which is my favorite

is it the scent of your partner's skin

is at the center of

what's happened in your kids heads

and at the center of your favorite meal take a moment

to remind yourself of that scent

take notice what happens to your body while you're holding that scent

add another layer to that

you're in that sense? Whatever helps you to feel a bit more relaxed, a bit more open a bit more

comfortable. Is there a certain color that comes into that space

is there any yellows, whites, purples, browns, greens

can you for a moment

allow yourself to rush yourself over in that color.

Maybe that color starts in the middle of your chest and as you think about that scent it grows in

envelopes your body

while you're thinking of these layers of comfort,

are you able to provide yourself a little bit more spaciousness in your body?

Was your chest drop?

Release your belly

What's your shoulder strap

in while you're here, I want you to think about anything else that helps you to feel and remind you of

the safety that you have already in your body. Which is bringing a bit more to the tap.

Is there someone's voice?

Is there a sound of certain music

Bring those layers of safety present

one thing for me that has been helpful is to bring these layers of safety

to the present as much as I can as I navigate conversations of money

as I navigate conversations, making money as they navigate conversations of all the things, paying

bills, whatever it is.

So I want you to keep that to the top.

So I want you to keep that to the top.

Selling that scent, enveloping yourself in that color and whatever your third layer of safety is bringing

that into the space

we're gonna move through our affirmations for this month.

So I invite you to say these affirmations out loud I invite you to say them in your mind whatever works

for you

release all resistance to attract the money I am worthy of a positive cash flow

I can look at my finances without fear

and if you have moments

where the anxiety or hasn't some tea or anything that's coming up, make sure you bring in those

safety those layers of safety

and breathe through

I believe there is enough money for everyone

I can build a complete financial foundation

finances will improve

I'm wealthy beyond money

I am capable of overcoming any money obstacles that stand in my way.

Money helps change the world for better

I want you to spend some time. If it's helpful to you bring your hands to your chest, maybe moving

your hands over your heart and just taking notice of what may be present for you.

Allowing yourself to feel

in our also bring up those layers of safety wherever needed.

And I want to remind you that


money is a big part of our world is something that it's a daily sort of daily conversation.

But you have the skill set to move through these conversations you have the layers of safety that you

can bring up at any given time

and that you are abundant

that you are resourced

and you are deserving of all the things that you need

and you're wealthy beyond money.

And when you are ready, feel free to start opening your eyes moving around the room, maybe

orienting yourself set a date and a time. It'd be naming some objects around the room to bring

yourself back into the space.

And I hope that this has helped for you. And always always feel free to utilize those layers of safety

And I hope that this has helped for you. And always always feel free to utilize those layers of safety

whenever needed.

Talk to you soon

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