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“In this episode we talk with Sabia Wade about her new book, Birthing Liberation: How Reproductive Justice Can Set Us Free.

Sabia Wade (she/ they) is the founder of Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, an accessible and inclusive training program for community care workers, and the founder of For the Village, a nonprofit providing doulas at no or low cost to low-income and marginalized communities in San Diego, California, as a coach, board member, investor, educator, and programming development consultant for organizations throughout the birth and reproductive health space. Every part of Sabia’s work centers on liberation of all people through Reproductive Justice.

Sabia talks with us about the process of writing a book for birth workers about Reproductive Justice and how we can create the future we want for all birth people. Sabia introduces us to the ideas of Birth Neoterism and Black Luxury. Through these key concepts, Sabia shares how we can learn from our history, find hope in our present and recreate the future of birth in America. Sabia’s hope for the readers of their book, is that they are able to engage on their own journey in interacting with the book and connecting through the storytelling and working through the somatic exercises to work through trauma and towards healing. In those spaces of healing and caring for ourselves can we begin the process of collective liberation.

Content Warnings: mention of maternal death, racism, depression, health disparities”

The Birth Neoterist Newsletter
The Birth Neoterist Newsletter Audio Files
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