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Power Dynamics & Marginalized Identities

Power Dynamics & Marginalized Identities

An interview with Andrea Richardson

Episode Summary

Sabia talks with Andrea about being Black in the BDSM space. sub/dom dynamics, the intersectionality between sex, pleasure, birthwork, and finding pleasure in all the things. Listen to the audio, read the transcript, or watch the video below.


Pleasure mapping can be done independently & teaches individuals how to love up on their own bodies the way we are. Learning about our bodies in this way helps to improve our body image, self worth & body awareness. A Pleasure Mapping practice can help us improve the relationship with ourselves. Practicing pleasure mapping with partner/s can help them improve their body image, self worth and increase their body awareness, too. 

To learn more about Pleasure Mapping & its benefits for you and your communities, book a 1:1 Pleasure Mapping session here:

We can also talk about how to prioritize pleasure in our everyday lives!


Andrea (she/her/Goddess)is a certified Full Spectrum Doula & Reiki practitioner & teacher based in Saint Louis, MO. She supports Black families, women, femmes through many experiences in life: birth, pregnancy & infant loss, abortion, pleasure & death.

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BDSM, birthwork, pleasure, sex, sex work, Black, BIPOC, queer

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