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Rest, Grounding, and a Much Needed Break from Social Media

Rest, Grounding, and a Much Needed Break from Social Media

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Hey everyone, this is Sabia. Welcome back to the Birth Neoterist Newsletter.

And I would like to bring a little grounding exercise into the space today.

So before I do that some of you may have noticed that I'm taking a social media break. Mostly because it's just so overwhelming. And I've noticed like how my brain is just always seeking it. Seeking social media or thinking about something or looking for something, it's just a little chaotic up here, too much noise. So usually, I start my winter hibernation, just like a month, month and a half where I'm just kind of not so public facing I start it in December, it usually ends sometime in January. This time, I was like, how about I start that a bit earlier. So I'll still be doing work. And I'll still be doing things that I have to finish out the year with but aiming to fill the space with a lot of rest over these next, potentially, let’s see - October, November, December, January, three months or so that I'll be taking my social media break. And last thing is I also want to thank everyone who has pre ordered my book that comes out in March birthing liberation, and if you haven't, it is available everywhere for pre order.


But speaking of rest, let's get into a little grounding exercise based on just that.

So wherever you are, try to find a comfortable space try to create an environment that is going to be supportive of this grounding that we're about to enter into. And of course you know what's important to you and maybe some background music it may be laying in the dark and maybe sitting up whatever it is is totally fine. Just find that space of comfort and when you are ready you can close your eyes, lower your gaze, whatever feels good to you. While you're here, I just want you to pay such a to your normal pace of breath taking notice of how it feels to feel the oxygen pulling into your nose and exiting your body through your mouth or through your nose taking notice of how your body is currently feeling starting from your head, down the back of your head in front of your face, your neck. Shoulders your upper back, middle back, lower back queasy no judgment and how things feel you may notice tightness. looseness, maybe something aches today. Maybe everything feels great. Placing no judgment on any of that back so your shoulders down your arms to your elbows, your wrists to the end of your fingertips. Back to your shoulders down to your chest. The abdomen times your waist moving your attention to your backside. Each butt cheek coming back around to the front of your pelvis from your hips down to your knees… down to your ankles paying attention to the top of your feet, the bottom of your feet and down to your toes just take a second to feel and notice again without judgment while you're here which should bring your attention back to your breath.

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